Villains and Superheroes: Works on Paper by Simone Bianchi

Danese/Corey is proud to present an exhibition of drawings and paintings on paper by Simone Bianchi, an acknowledged master of the art of the comic book. Born in 1972, Bianchi lives in Lucca, Italy, where he works exclusively with Marvel comics. This is Mr. Bianchi’s first exhibition in New York.
Since gaining prominence in the US in the mid to late 1800s, comic books have played a significant role in the lives of children and adults alike. Visual narratives featuring characters endowed with moral and physical powers reference both classical mythology and biblical villains and heroes. As early as 1960, Warhol’s Superman and later, Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl, 1963, employed comic book imagery, and by extension, confirmed its validity as both art and cultural phenomenon. By providing a means to reintroduce the figure into American art, the comic book added measurably to the emergence of Pop Art and generated a radical departure from the hegemony of Abstract Expressionism.

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Next weekend we are attending Albissola Comics for the first time. Our space will be at the Galleria Il Bostrico, where a nice and small exhibitions of original art will be set up for the visitors. Sketchbooks, as well as lithographs, will also be available for the attendees.

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New York Comic Con

Simone is attending the New York ComicCon from October 8 to 15. As usual there will be a one of the best organized Artist Alley where to meet the professionals and look at their works. The show is held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

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London Super Comic Convention

Simone is attending LSCC, a young show, yet so rich of guests and collectors from the whole world. A weekend full of original art at the London Excel Center, on Feb. 20 and 21. Come and see us!

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San Diego Comic-Con

In a few days, from July 20 to 25, Simone is attending his 11th San Diego Comic Con. He will be presenting his 2016 San Diego Sketchbook, the new prints, as well as the original art from the Amazing Spiderman series. Also, it will be possible to get a signed copy of the artbook The Art of Simone Bianchi. His booth will be in the Illustrator area, number#5556, easy accessible from entrance F.

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Quest’anno lo stand Simone Bianchi Art sarà presente a COLLEZIONANDO, nella nostra Lucca, in una fiera più piccola e sicuramente meno caotica di quella di fino Ottobre ma certamente ideale per tutti gli amanti del disegno. Simone dipingerà dal vivo allo stand nei 2 giorni della fiera. Ci sarà un’ampia selezione di tavole originali, le ultime serigrafie, gli sketchbook, l’artbook, oltre a qualche chicca inedita.

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Middle East Comic Con

Simone will be guest at the Middle East Comic Con from April 6th to 8th, at the Dubai World Trade Center.

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